Connected industry

The factory technological change brings plant manufacturers to deploy more and more connected devices and engraves more than ever communication at the forefront of the intelligent industrial process.

This industrial reorganization gives prominence to networks and WiFi naturally finds its place as a cost-efficient, reliable, secure and adaptable means of communication.

ACKSYS WiFi solutions enable the creation of easily scalable industrial networks, provide mobility to people and equipment and offer remote access to information anywhere in the plant. These solutions contribute to the optimization of production costs, operation and maintenance.


ACKSYS addresses the industrial market through a relevant and adapted offer :

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  • rugged devices for very harsh environments
  • for outdoor installations
  • for cabinet integration
  • for explosive environments
  • for mobile applications


  Scalable industrial networks
  Mobility systems
  Remote information access
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M2M networks, inter-PLC, site coverage, point to point or multipoint architectures …

Supports all IP-based protocols
Redundancy (critical applications)
Adapted to hard-to-wire areas



Real-time communications in motion with no packet loss (fast roaming) for mobile trolleys, overhead cranes, rotating machinery, motor vehicles…


Wireless connection to process and machines anywhere in the plant (with a tablet, smartphone or laptop)

Remote display/augmented reality and remote control of machines and equipments

Facilitates commissioning, maintenance and diagnostic operations



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