Ethernet Air-Pack

Ready-to-use point-to-point wireless Ethernet bridge
Ethernet Air-Pack


  • Connection between two equipments or two networks
  • Ready to use, nothing to configure
  • 5 GHz IEEE 802.11a WiFi band (108 Mbps)
  • Secured radio link with pre-configured WPA2
  • 10/100 Base TX RJ45 auto-sensing network interface
  • AC/DC block adapters supplied



Ethernet-Air-Pack is a ready-to-use solution designed to replace any Ethernet cable between equipments (PC, IP video, printers ...), replace the network cable between the RJ45-wall outlet and the computer or even to establish a wireless bridge between two independent Ethernet networks (between two buildings, two PLC's networks ...).


The kit is built around two pre-configured WiFi units already associated, installation doesn't require any configuration.


Ethernet-Air-Pack relies on the WiFi 5 GHz standard (IEEE 802.11a) which is not widely used by WiFi equipments. This offers a good level of protection against perturbations generated by existing WiFi networks; you can install as much Ethernet Air-Pack as cables to be replaced.


Technical characteristics



Ethernet link



10/100 Base TX Ethernet interface, RJ45 connector



Radio link



Compliant with WiFi IEEE 802.11a, data rate up to 108 Mbps




Power, sensitivity



Transmitter +20 dBm, Receiver –92 dBm, one 5 GHz 2 dBi antenna







LAN & WLAN activity on LEDs










Power supply


+9VDC to +48VDC power source, PHOENIX connector, 3.5 Watts typical, 5 Watts maximum




Dimensions & weight



Small sized enclosure L: 103 x W: 67 x H: 23 mm, weight 225 g






Operating temperature: 0°C to +70°C, storage: -40°C to +80°C
Humidity: 5% to 95% (non-condensing)



Applications Ethernet AirPack US 

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Ethernet Air-PACK


Ready-to-use Point-to-Point wireless Ethernet bridge kit including two independent radio units with 2 dBi antennas, two +12VDC power supplies and two RJ45 cross Ethernet cables (1 meter)