WAN-HDLC range

4-port HDLC communication board
WAN-HDLC range


  • 4 high performance HDLC serial ports
  • Protocols management deported in the board
  • Supports multiple HDLC modes
  • Discharge the computer from data processing
  • Programmation interface type "port COM"
  • Multi interfaces : RS232, RS422, RS485


Designed for test applications or to be incorporated into a final equipment, our MCXUNI/570 boards (also available in Compact PCI) increase your system performance by discharging your computer from the asynchronous, asynchronous synchronized (isochronous) and synchronous (HDLC envelope frames, HDLC ABM/LAPB, HDLC NRM/SDLC, HDLC asynchronous, BSC, MONOSYNC, BISYNC or any type of protocol developed on request...) serial links.


The provided standard driver allows you to use the serial ports of the board from the standard API of the OS (ex. COM port interface on Windows), giving it "implementation simplicity and flexibility of use”. Protocols management deported in the board is transparent to the user.


Built to last, MCXUNI/570  boards are designed to be used in the most critical environments:

  • embedded remote operation position (shelters) for demining tanks,
  • RADAR data acquisition for civil and military airports,
  • Data offloading of engine calculators,
  • SONAR data acquisition for frigates,
  • shooting stand for missiles (driving test).


Technical characteristics



Number of channels


4 channels synchronous or asynchronous




Baud rate


Asynchronous : up to 521 KBds

Synchronous : up to 4 MBds

(contact us for higher baud rates)





Universal PCI (32 bits 33MHz 3.3V/5V Ver 2.3, 2.2, 2.1)

Compact PCI 6U board






HDLC envelope frames, HDLC asynchronous (ISO/IEC 13239), HDLC ABM/LAPB, HDLC NRM/SDLC, X25

Adaptation of the existing protocol from a specification possible




Line interface

V35, RS232, RS422, RS485, V24, X21
Soft configurable channel by channel


Available signals


V35 : A, B, C, D, E, F, H, J, P & S, R & T, U & W, V & X, Y & AA

Others (depending on interface) : TxD, RxD, TxCin, TxCout, RxC, RTS, CTS, DSR, DTR, DCD, RI, Gnd, PGnd





DB62 in rear I/O (in front I/O for CPCI models)
Octopus cable 4 x SuBD25 (included in the standard package)


Peripheral drivers


Windows, Linux





Dimensions 215 mm (L) x 115 mm (H) for universal PCI model
Dimensions : 6U for Compact PCI model


Operating conditions


Temperature from -5°C to +65°C, storage -25°C to +80°C, relative humidity from 0 to 95% RH without condensation



References to order







Universal PCI board, 4 channels HDLC synchronous. Delivered with octopus cable.


Compact PCI 6U Front I/O board, 4 channels HDLC synchronous. Delivered with octopus cable.

(see reference MCXCPCI/570-4-R for Rear I/O model)