RF site survey

Deeply rooted for more than ten years in the growth market of wireless, ACKSYS offers a wide range of very robust wireless communication equipment for industrial markets.

With a strong expertise, a relevant offer and sustainable solutions, ACKSYS is able to build WiFi networks meeting its customers’ requirements (availability and performance).

ACKSYS’ team assists its customers at every stage of their projects: definition of needs and elaboration of a technical file, site radio coverage survey (definition of the number of WiFi equipment and location), technical recommendations and support during the equipment deployment.


RF site survey for a WiFi network installation

The site survey’s aim is to simulate the implementation of a wireless network and to accurately determine the nature and the number of needed products and their location on the site to provide the customer with a network solution adapted to its environment.

The site survey is conducted in 3 phases:

  • Pre-survey
  • Site survey
  • Survey Report


This first theoretical step is to validate the feasibility of the project, define the appropriate equipment, set the location of access points for an optimal radio coverage and determine a budget. Based on the site plan and the technical specifications document of the customer, it takes into account the topology of the area to cover and constraints that may affect the installation of the system (obstacles, buildings, vegetation, relief …).

This step requires to know :

  • the client application
  • the radio performance needed
  • the radio network availability
  • the type of network or hardware that will be connected to the radio equipment
  • the number of radio clients used simultaneously

Site survey

This second step is to verify that the site’s specificities are close to those determined during the pre- survey. The next step is to test “life-size” the equipment and its location.

Testing and optimizations based on the environment include:

  • the radio coverage survey
  • checks for RF interferences, existing WiFi networks
  • he determination of shadow zones
  • recording the quality and strength of radio signals
  • radio bit rate measurement

Survey report

Information and measures carried out during the site survey as well as the number and the exact location of the WiFi devices that will be needed are notified in a detailed report.

These records (coverage and radio wave propagation, quality of the radio signal and signal/noise ratio) and the conclusions contained in this site survey report are based on tests carried out in the environmental conditions present the day of testing. Any change in the environment (obstacles to radio waves, non-compliance with installation recommendations … etc.) may lead to a change or to an alteration of the radio network (radio bit rate decrease, cutting, shadow zone …).