NDM : network administration made easy

What is ACKSYS NDM ?

ACKSYS NDM (ACKSYS Networking Devices Manager) is a software for centralized management of the ACKSYS networking devices.



The ACKSYS manageable networking products can be configured through their embedded web (HTTP) and SNMP servers.

However, while the network grows and includes many devices, it becomes harder and harder to manage with these tools:

  • The management interfaces differ due to each product specific properties;
  • Since the products are managed one at a time, you lose the global view of the network;
  • The products data is available only at the time you check for them.


ACKSYS NDM solves these issues by:

  • Displaying all products in a single window;
  • Allowing to set up by advance update profiles for sets of products;
  • Dynamically updating the list of products detected on the LAN and their characteristics;
  • Allowing grouped configuration of several products from a common user interface.

ACKSYS NDM detects, analyzes and reconfigures the ACKSYS products using SNMP and other advanced protocols.


ACKSYS NDM allows to:

  • Automatically detect on-line ACKSYS products on the local network;
  • Add by hand the products which, being located behind a router, are normally undetectable;
  • Have a visual clue when a previously detected product seems to be down;
  • Prepare a batch of reconfigurations and apply them when appropriate
  • Visually check the Wi-Fi connection states between access points and their clients;
  • RSSI monitoring with graphical visualisation;
  • Identify misconfigured products and some IP address conflicts;
  • Display and group products using functional criterions;
  • Customize the products list display;
  • Simultaneously reconfigure addressing parameters for several products at once;
  • Simultaneously upgrade product firmwares on several products at once;
  • Directly call the product embedded web pages for specific customization needs.


Some ACKSYS NDM screenshots

NDM RSSI graphic
NDM_config NDM_upgrade

General characteristics

  • Dynamic detection of ACKSYS products on the local network
  • Products management through Internet routers
  • Disk recording of products found
  • Disk recording of reconfiguration profiles
  • Dynamic display of the network products and their characteristics
  • Reconfiguration of individual products as well as groups of products
  • Multiple ways to sort and isolate groups of products
  • Configurable graphical user interface
  • Supports all the ACKSYS WiFi devices
  • Very easy installation and use
  • Compatible with any Java-enabled operating system (Windows, Linux…)
  • Built on the SNMP, TFTP, UDAP, UCP, UDP, TCP/IP network protocols



  • Centralized management of all products
  • Allows network reconfigurations planning
  • Common user interface
  • Global view of the network
  • Real-time display
  • Advanced ergonomics
  • Can be used from various operating systems


Download NDM

[FirmTabName] Version Download
NDM : Centralized management software for WLg WiFi products, Windows platform, requires JAVA version 6
Do not use with WaveOS based WiFi products



NDM : Centralized management software for WLg WiFi products, non-Windows platform, requires JAVA version 6
Do not use with WaveOS based WiFi products



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