ACKSYS products End-of-Life policy


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  • End of Life announcement (EOL)

ACKSYS will issue an end-of-life (EOL) statement notification giving the notice of an end-of-sale (EOS) date on a specific product. Customers will be provided with an opportunity to place last time orders (LTO) on this product until this date.


  • End of Sale (EOS)

Our standard policy requires the end-of-sale (EOS) date* to occur 6 months after the EOL notification published on the ACKSYS website. At the EOS date, the product will no longer be available for purchase.
* In rare cases of force majeure, the EOS date could be anticipated, especially in the event of a shortage of components necessary for discontinued product manufacturing.


  • Last shipment date

Orders placed before the EOS date may be delivered up to 6 months afterwards.


  • End of Maintenance date (EOM)

At this date, no further software functionality (firmware/driver) will be added to this product.


  • End of support

As of this date, ACKSYS will no longer provide technical support for the product concerned and no further correction will be made to its firmware/driver.


  • End of after sales service

Beyond this date no further repair (or replacement) of the product will be assured.


This timeline policy may be superseded by specific contract clauses such as extended warranty period (up to 15 years). For more information about warranty extension terms, contact your dedicated sales representative or our sales department.


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