Our commitments

Reliability and robustness

ACKSYS’ products are designed to be used in harsh environment (extended temperature range, humidity, shocks and vibrations, EMC perturbations…), this is why their manufacturing components are carefully selected, controlled and submitted to endurance tests. According to their reference, they come with a 5-year warranty or lifetime warranty.

Long lasting products

ACKSYS strives to ensure the long-term availability of its products that are deployed in customer applications with expected production lifetimes that can exceed 10 years.
ACKSYS cannot guarantee continued availability of all the components used on its products however, ACKSYS endeavors to provide pro-active Product Lifecyle Maintenance and to best ensure compatible migration paths to second source and other replacement components in the event of the obsolescence of parts used on its products.

ACKSYS regards long-term availability of its products as one of its most important duties as a reliable supplier industrial solutions.

ACKSYS strives to not obsolete its products for as long as processors, memory devices, radio chipsets and other critical components are available.
In instances that a silicon vendor decides to end-of-life such a critical part, ACKSYS should receive advance notification to buy and stock these parts to avoid discontinuation of the product until a migration to a replacement solution is available.
ACKSYS performs the best-effort to design “same fit and same functions” replacement solutions for most of its products and more specifically for railway industry products and Embedded modules.

Observed life cycle pattern of ACKSYS products is 10 years.

Relevant solutions

ACKSYS develops tailored solutions designed to fit its customers’ specific business needs and unique application environment: PCI and CPCI boards, rack and DIN rail mounting, desktop or compact cases, waterproof or explosive resistant enclosures, OEM modules… And beyond all that, ACKSYS is also able to adapt its products upon request (firmware customization, ODM solutions,…). All ACKSYS’ products are compliant with the standards in the various targeted markets.

Customer service commitment

ACKSYS commits to provide state-of-the-art technology, products and training to keep its customers in the forefront of the communications age.
ACKSYS has developed a solid pre-sales and after-sales process to ensure that customers receive the highest level of support. ACKSYS can advise and assist its customers at every stage of their projects: system diagnosis, definition of needs, upstream studies, on-site radio coverage survey, recommendations, support during the deployment, training seminars, consistent technical assistance… ACKSYS also pays attention to provide its distributors and VARs with the necessary product knowledge to enable them to support its customers all over the world.