Warranty & Returns

Return material authorization / RMA conditions

A product can only be returned by a customer after obtaining authorization from ACKSYS (RMA).

Defective Product

ACKSYS will repair free of charge (or replace with an equivalent product, at its convenience) any product whose failure is covered by the valid warranty.

If the failure is not covered by the warranty or if the warranty has expired, a repair estimate (or replacement if the product cannot be repaired) will be sent to the customer. Diagnostic costs will be charged if the customer does not wish to have its product repaired or replaced.

If the product passes all the tests defined by ACKSYS, it will be deemed functional. Diagnostic costs will then be billed to the customer.

The products must be returned to the repair workshop designated by ACKSYS and the return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer (except in the case of a DOA or equipment under warranty, see summary table below. below).

If the customer does not respond within 30 days of the date of issue of the repair, replacement or diagnostic cost estimate, ACKSYS may keep the equipment.

The average repair time is approximately 10 working days if quantity received is less than 5 products. This period may be longer if the product must be sent back to the factory or requires specific expertise or if the quantity of products is greater than 5.

DOA Product (Dead On Arrival)

If your product is defective* within the month of its shipping date from ACKSYS, it may be replaced as soon as possible, subject to approval by ACKSYS and availability in stocks. Transport costs will be borne by ACKSYS (excluding customs and import costs).
The defective product must be returned to ACKSYS within a maximum of 1 month. Otherwise, the replacement product will be invoiced to the customer.

* A product damaged by an external event or by improper handling can’t be considered as defective, cf. Statement of Limited Warranty.

Non-defective Product

Unless otherwise specified by ACKSYS in its offers, the customer may request ACKSYS to take back a product within 30 days of its delivery. Acceptance of this request remains at the sole discretion of ACKSYS.

Returned products must be complete, in perfect condition and in their original packaging, accompanied by their documentation and accessories. They will be subject of a compensation order by the customer or the issue of a credit note by ACKSYS.

ACKSYS will invoice recovery and restocking costs (20% of the total amount of the material taken back). Specific products, not kept in stock, subject to minimum orders or whose quantity required special manufacturing will not be accepted.

(1) With the exception of customs clearance formalities and related duties, taxes and other charges payable on the importation of goods.

(2) Product damaged during shipping: provided that the delivery of the goods is the responsibility of ACKSYS and that the reservations have been made by the customer to the carrier upon receipt of the damaged package. The customer must also declare to ACKSYS the situation within 24 hours of receiving damaged packages.


Statement of Limited Warranty

ACKSYS guarantees the buyer that the products produced by ACKSYS, except software, will be free from any defect in material and workmanship. ACKSYS ‘obligation under this warranty will be limited to the repair or replacement by an equivalent product, at ACKSYS’ choice, of defective products.

Unless otherwise specified by ACKSYS in its offers:

  • OEM modules and accessories are covered by a 1-year warranty, parts and labor, from the date of shipment from our factory.
  • Media converters, USB gateways, WiFi access points and cellular routers come with a 5-year warranty, parts and labor, from the date of shipment from our factory.
  • Serial-Ethernet gateways benefit from a lifetime warranty (subject to availability of components, product or compatible hardware. In any event, this warranty cannot be guaranteed beyond the end of After-sales service announced by ACKSYS when the product is stopped).
  • The repair (or the exchanged product) benefits from a 3-month warranty period or the rest of the current contractual warranty, whichever is greater.

This warranty only applies if the products are installed and used in accordance with the specifications communicated by ACKSYS in its technical documentation.

This warranty replaces all other oral or written, express or implied warranties. The responsibility of ACKSYS will in no case exceed the price of the invoiced products which are the subject of the request.

The warranty does not apply to products modified or repaired by another company than ACKSYS or a repair center designated by ACKSYS or if the failure is caused by a fact external to the product, whatever it is.

The warranty does not cover:

  • Losses and damages that could occur during the shipment of products (to ACKSYS or to the customer) or due to improper installation, lack of maintenance, improper use, negligence , modification, sabotage, deterioration or any other cause related to non-commercial or industrial use.
  • Costs of removing, transporting and reinstalling products.

ACKSYS will under no circumstances be held liable for profit and loss, loss of operation and equipment or any other direct, indirect or consequential damages.


ACKSYS further guarantees that all softwares supplied as part of a product sale (except discontinued products) will be free from non-conformities with the specifications published by ACKSYS for a period of 90 days from the date of delivery.

ACKSYS relentlessly strives to improve both features and performances of its softwares, however ACKSYS cannot be forced to investigate, improve or modify its softwares at the request of one of its customers.