Being one of the most challenging priorities for mining machinery manufacturers and operators, safety leads to an increased demand of remote control vehicles, monitoring devices, as well as to the automation of many aspects of mining operations.

AIRTRACK radios technology enable real-time communications in both surface and underground mines (hauling, drilling, dozing, longwall and underground operations) for: teleoperation of heavy machinery from a remote control station, collision avoidance, geolocation of people and goods and other services as evacuation signaling systems, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) wireless phones, mobile data download (smartphones, tablets…), mobile & fixed IP video…

Designed and manufactured to achieve superior performances while being exposed to the harsh conditions of mining environments and suitable for stand-alone and/or on-board use, AIRTRACK radios by ACKSYS ensure an overall WiFi coverage of the mine and offer high bandwidth and data reliability.

Taking advantage of proven technologies, AIRTRACK radios allow improvements of operator safety, equipment availability and site productivity.


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