802.11 specification vulnerabilities : CVE Alerts

ACKSYS is investigating to determine which WaveOS based products may be affected by the frame aggregation and fragmentation implementations of 802.11 specification vulnerabilities (also known as FragAttacks).
As the investigation progresses, ACKSYS is updating the statuses of the CVEs.

CVE reference Impact on our WaveOS based products
CVE-2020-24586 Not impacted
CVE-2020-24587 Not impacted
CVE-2020-24588 Radio 802.11n only is impacted, patch planned end of June 2021. No impact on 802.11ac radios.
CVE-2020-26139 Not impacted
CVE-2020-26140 Not impacted
CVE-2020-26141 Not impacted
CVE-2020-26142 Not impacted
CVE-2020-26143 Not impacted
CVE-2020-26144 Not impacted
CVE-2020-26145 Not impacted
CVE-2020-26146 Not impacted
CVE-2020-26147 Not impacted
CVE-2020-11264 Not impacted
CVE-2020-11301 Not impacted