ABOVE GROUND: Mesh network for extended mine site coverage

Above ground operations require a highly-available wireless network, easily deployable, robust to endure harsh conditions and adjustable to changing network conditions, considering the mobility of equipment and the landscape design.

To enable reliable communications  for efficient production, safety, site security and remote connections, ACKSYS offers a Mesh wireless network approach with rugged & versatile WiFi devices.

The Mesh network topology is characterized by its ability to allow any node in the network to communicate directly with any other node in the network. A mining equipment’s signal can then take multiple paths to reach the intended receiver. Moreover, if one node fails, others can take over.

With self-forming Mesh topology, ACKSYS’ devices provide a robust, scalable, and resilient broadband network connectivity.





– Ease of deployment : self forming and self healing Mesh network capabilities (IEEE 802.11s)

– Dynamic and real time communications (fast roaming < 30 ms)
– High bandwidth (up to 54 Mbps) for video, voice, data & remote control

– Architecture & radio flexibility : devices suitables for stand alone and on-board use, supporting AP, Mesh topology, bridge and repeater roles simultaneously
– Radio link reliability : latest multi-streams MIMO radio technologies, radio redundancy (dual radio system)


– Ease of administration & management
– Wide 24-110 VDC power supply input enabling the use of long DC cables
– Compatibility with existing WiFi devices and infrastructures

– IP66, shock & vibration proof, M12 connectors, -25°C/+80°C
– ISO 11452, EN61373