WaveManager : Network Administration tool for WaveOS-based products

Most of companies and organizations are now entirely dependent on their information systems. As a result, handling production, customer relations, R&D, accounting, invoicing and other strategic applications have become easier.

It is now essential to monitor your information system health in real time and to be able to anticipate breakdowns even before they occur, or in the worst case, to fix them as soon as possible.

Your infrastructure diagnosis during a dysfunction can very easily become a productivity issue, especially if there is no full picture of the established infrastructure.

On a place supplied with ACKSYS products, our WaveManager tool will allow you to have an overview of your entire ACKSYS equipment fleet.


What is WaveManager ?

WaveManager is a computer application that brings infrastructure and products management together on a common platform. The Network Administrator’s work is completely simplified.
WaveManager allows you to configure, monitor, troubleshoot and manage ACKSYS hardware network deployments locally or remotely. All these features are also available on WaveViewer, the additionnal mobile application.


Key Elements


  • Centralized administration of ACKSYS solutions via Ethernet, WiFi or cellular*
  • Dynamic detection of ACKSYS products on the local network
  • Remote access on product WEB interfaces possible
  • Remote equipment configuration and management of configuration files
  • Single or grouped configuration of IP, radio channel, SSID and security parameters
  • Adding certificate for HTTPS access on product web interfaces possible
  • Synchronously upgrade several products firmwares at once
  • Product group management
  • User management (Admin, Guest)
  • Simplified remote deployment and configuration from any location


  • Signal quality monitoring of each ACKSYS WiFi client :
    ○ Signal plotting and recording
    ○ Programmable alarms on exceeding RSSI thresholds (high/low)
    ○ Alert configuration on edited equipment possible
  • Dynamic display of the products status and their information in real time :
    ○ Online (validated by the user)
    ○ Absent
    ○ New (not validated by the user)
    ○ In conflict
    ○ Edited configuration
  • Geolocation of ACKSYS access points and routers according to a postal address or geographical coordinates (GPS) defined for it.


  • User management and passwords access
  • Editing product web access by changing the HTTP TCP port possible
  • HTTPS certificate management


  • Supports diverse data collection methods: SNMP / PING
  • LED Track to find a product installed by flashing its DIAG LED
  • Export logs in various formats (Html, CSV, Xlsx, PDF) for detailed analysis.

 *Feature to come on the next version


Download the datasheet


Some screenshots

WaveManager (for Windows)



WaveViewer (for Android)


WaveViewer screenshot 1 WaveViewer screenshot 2

WaveViewer screenshot 3



Technical characteristics


Server requirements

Intel Core i7 processor
2 x Gigabit Ethernet ports


Operating System

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (Professional Edition or higher, 64-bit) or
Windows Server 2008 R2 (Standard or higher, 64-bit)


Security & Management

SNMP v1, v2c, v3, UDAP



Microsoft SQL Lite



Operating System

Android 7



Download the application

[FirmTabName] Version Download
WaveManager : Deployment & centralized management software for WaveOS-based WiFi products, Windows platforms


Download the user guide


[FirmTabName] Version Download

WaveViewer : Android application allowing to visualize ACKSYS devices administered by WaveManager via a smartphone or a tablet. WaveManager is a desktop supervisor software that allows to centralize ACKSYS WaveOS devices in your network. WaveViewer can communicate with WaveManager in real time. Minimum version of WaveManager required: V1.8.0.1