In-car coverage

Nowadays, setting up a highly-available wireless network in a train is an absolute requirement for operations but also for passengers. In this perspective, ACKSYS offers WiFi devices allowing seamless in-car coverage through an easy deployment.

The complete solution enables management of multiple networks (physically separated) dedicated to passenger WiFi, train announcements, passenger information, video surveillance, VoIP, infotainment…

Thanks to a multi-core CPU architecture and dual WiFi radio, RailBox is able to support 2 simultaneous 802.11ax streams, transmitting simultaneously in 2.4 and 5GHz, for example.

Equipped with the latest WiFi 6 and 6E technologies with MU-MIMO 4T4R , ACKSYS RailBox enables higher speeds while avoiding potential interference with other networks, thus increasing the number of connected users and connection speed.

ACKSYS RailBox benefits from the latest AP mode features such as load balancing, band steering, client roaming control, SSID association control and, for added security, rogue AP detection.





– Passengers network separated from service network (VLAN, QoS / WMM, tunnel)
– Dual WiFi for simultaneous 2.4 / 5 GHz operation
– Maximum 125 clients per radio, number of clients recommended for an optimal WiFi experience: 60 per radio
– High-speed 802.11ac (backward compatible 802.11a/b/g/n)
– WPA / WPA2, 802.11i, 802.1x (radius authentication)

– Dual radio architecture allows using the same product for in-car AP and carriage coupler (SRCC)
– Bypass relay option for “Daisy Chain” Ethernet topologies


– 24-110 VDC insulated dual input power supply, PoE+

– Radio : WiFi : EN 300 328 (2.4 GHz), EN 301 893 (5 GHz, DFS) /
LTE : EN 301 908 [-1, -2, -13], EN 301 511, EN 303 413
– EMC : WiFi : EN 301 489 [-1], [-17] / LTE : EN 301 489 [-19], [-52] /
Railway : EN 50155, EN 50121-3.2
– Safety : EN45545-2 (HL3), NF F16-101 (M1F1) (Fire and Smoke), EN60950-1, EN62311
– Environmental : EN61373 (shock & vibration), EN60068 (climatic)


* ACKSYS relies on its partners for multi-cellular routers (passengers WiFi).

Rugged wireless device tailored for radio carriage coupling





RailBox in single-radio WiFi or dual-radio WiFi for carriage coupling and passenger APs

WiFi interface : Single or dual radio (optional 2nd radio interface)
      > WiFi 6 (2.4/5GHz) or 6E (6GHz), MU-MIMO 4T4R

Maximum number of clients simultaneously connected in AP mode : 512 per radio
Ethernet interface : 2 x 2.5Gbps – M12
I/O : 1 isolated input – 1 isolated output
Dimensions (mm) : 80 x 175 x 57
Power supply : Dual input – Isolated – 24 to 110 VDC – PoE +
Environment : -25° to +70°C – option -40° to +75°C – IP66
Roaming : < 30 ms
Mesh (802.11s) : YES
AP mode : load balancing, band steering, client roaming control, association control per SSID

Security : Firewall, DoS, https, MAC filtering, WPA/WPA2-Personal & Enterprise (IEEE 802.1X/RADIUS), WEP, tunnels L2 (GRE), VPN (OpenVPN, IPsec), SNMP V3, Rogue AP detection
Ethernet networking : Frames filtering, bridging, repeater, STP/RSTP, VLAN, DHCP (server & client), DNS relay
Ethernet routing : Multicast (PIM), IP redundancy (VRRP), static routes, NAT router, router
Carriage coupling system SRCC : YES
Administration : http, https, SNMP agent (V1, V2C, V3), WaveManager administration software
Bypass relay option (Daisy Chain Ethernet topologies) : YES
C-Key (hardened memory key/configuration backup) : YES