05/10/2023 AiXroad/4P: mobile applications in harsh environments

AirXroad/4P: The compact IP66 router for critical mobile connectivity in industrial environments

30/06/2023 WaveManager: ACKSYS administration software

WaveManager is a tool that allows you to supervise an infrastructure made up of ACKSYS products from a central point, thus facilitating the work of the network administrator.
WaveManager enables you to configure, monitor, troubleshoot and manage network deployments made up of ACKSYS hardware, both locally and remotely.

03/05/2023 Technical support

To better serve its partners and customers, ACKSYS has set up a structured platform for accessing the technical team and managing support requests.

13/04/2023 Discover AirWan-M12, the new cellular and WiFi router

AirWan-M12: WiFi and cellular router with GNSS interface for bus and tramways applications

17/01/2023 WiFi access point for hazardous areas

WaveNet-Ex is the smallest, lightest and highest performing all-in-one WiFi device designed for industrial applications in explosive atmospheres.

10/11/2022 ACKSYS at Rail Live

Come and meet us more closely at Rail Live (Madrid), Booth #71, 29th November – 1st December 2022.

02/08/2022 IRIS certification

We are proud to announce that we renewed our ISO 9001:2015 certification and obtained our IRIS certification.

02/06/2022 Meet ACKSYS at EUMO

EUMO : the business event for mobility stakeholders

10/05/2022 ACKSYS at Global Industrie

Global Industrie : tomorrow’s industry is being shaped here

19/04/2022 ACKSYS at Asia Pacific Rail

Asia Pacific Rail : A must-see event in rail transport

31/03/2022 AirWan available immediately!

AirWan: a high-performance industrial router

20/12/2021 ACKSYS presents AirXroad/4P

Designed for buses and connected vehicles, AirXroad/4P is a price optimized, compact and ruggedized WiFi router with M12 4-pin connectivity.

20/12/2021 ACKSYS presents AirXroad/4P

AirXroad/4P is a rugged, hardened version of the AirLink for severe environments adapted to AGVs, AMRs and logistic trucks (forklifts, handling, trailers, tractors or cranes …)

20/11/2021 ACKSYS presents AirWan !

AirWan is the new entry-level cellular router designed for industrial applications (industry 4.0) and mobility (buses, vehicles …)

28/07/2021 ACKSYS goes green 📦 🌱

 ACKSYS introduces its new packaging, eco-designed and 100 % recyclable!